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AgroBoost Black Gold – Bio Plant Booster ®
Gives your plants the boost they need

Agroboost Bio Plant Booster is a 100% organic microbiological supplement. It contains many useful microorganisms that will increase the soil fertility and strengthen roots, resulting in healthier, stronger plants. Some of the important bacteria present are Trichoderma sp., Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus sp. and Actinomycetes.

1L – 3L – 5L – 10L – 20L – 1,000L Containers

Why AgroBoost ®

The main advantage of AgroBoost® lies in the fact that it is 100% natural, as certified by numerous renowned and accredited institutes. Our natural fertilizer contains all the nutrients and elements essential for the healthy and strong development of plants. These are found in forms that are most suitable for plants and can be absorbed directly. The micro flora present in our fertilizer stimulates and enables increased microbiological processes important for proper nutrition uptake and root development.

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The soil that is the natural habitat for plants is contaminated each year by the constant accumulation of chemical susbstances used for both nutrition and protection. The exact combination and amount of elements required for the plant’s healthy growth and development are very difficult to determine, especially for perennial crops. When the soil becomes overburdened with chemical fertilizers, salinity will increase and effect the crops. In ecological practices, using natural resources, the risk is significantly reduced. By using Agroboost Bio Plant Booster, this risk is completely eliminated.